4 Ways to Incorporate Spring, & Shorts with Tights

The Deets:
sweater:  Ralph Lauren, similar | button down:  Ralph Lauren | vest:  J.Crew Factory, similar here
shorts:  Calypso Boutique, love these | shoes:  Sole Society, love these | tights:  Targetnecklace:  Purple Peridot
bracelets:  Kiel James Patrick and The Diamond Galleria | lipstick:  Estée Lauder

Let's face it, we have all had it up to here with winter.  We're all feeling burnt out with our winter wardrobes, and dressing up like the abominable snowwoman just to run to the grocery store has gotten old.  I feel like I'm repeating the same sweaters over and over again, and don't get me started on not being able to wear anything other than boots. every. single. day.

And you probably saw my shout-out to Winter on Instagram last week...I tried to be polite.

SO, what's a girl to do?  Spring is nowhere in sight, no matter how much I want to pack away my puffy winter coats.  What can we do to start incorporating our new spring pieces that are sitting in our closet (probably with the tags still on them)?

1).  Break out the brights.  Even if it's too cold for anything but sweaters, try one with a bold color.  It doesn't take much, just a pop of color here and there, maybe brightly colored pumps or flats, a bold coat in a bright color or fun pattern.
And while we are on the topic of layers
2). Spring vests.  SEERSUCKER and GINGHAM vests????  As if we needed another excuse to add to our vest collections, but seriously, vests aren't just for fall and winter! Try a navy seersucker vest with a cream sweater and navy pants or denim, and you've just added some spring nautical flare to your winter uniform.

3).  Colored denim.  This is a trend that I am still happy to report is sticking around for another season. Colored denim is SUPER easy to style!  Pair your denim with a solid color blouse in any neutral color, add a delicate necklace and flats or pumps, depending on the occasion, and you've got a chic day to night outfit.  I've gotten the most wear out of my red, pink, and mint pairs of denim.

4).  Tights.  Ok, how in the world will tights help to add spring-like elements into your wardrobe?  Simply put, they allow you to wear something other than pants or denim.  Tights with shorts is a great way to stretch out the wear-ability of your spring and summer wardrobe when it is not yet warm enough to wear just shorts.  I might even try out my navy tights with these floral shorts!  Too much?  If you're not too keen on wearing shorts with tights,  pairing tights with a floral skirt will allow you to try out your new spring pieces.

With another snow storm possibly in the forecast, it's becoming more and more difficult to be creative with our outfit choices.  Most days I want to kick it in leggings and an oversized sweater, but that has quickly become tired.  All of these fabulous spring arrivals in stores has me desperate for warmer days, and I am sure you are already looking for ways to incorporate your new spring purchases!  Be creative and don't be afraid to try something out, you'll be surprised with how stylish the results turn out to be!

Stay Classy!


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Simple Fair Isle Snowfall & A Pop of Red Hunter Boots

Ah, snow--so clean, fresh, white.  It's amazing how something as simple as white fluff can transform the landscape!  My husband and I went to bed two Friday's ago and woke up to a rather unexpected snowfall the next morning, and I was PUMPED.  I hate winter with its cold temperatures, and grey trees and grass, but if it snows, I'm in LOVE!

Something I've noticed that I've done over the past couple years is that I've gotten caught up in the pattern mixing and seeing how many colors I can squeeze into one outfit that I've lost sight of the beauty of simplicity...Choosing a simple color palette and adding one bright color for contrast.  Looking over some of my outfit choices, I realized that on some days I had worn so many patterns that I had looked like I had rolled around in the fabric store....in the dark.

Or that my color choices for the day were always competing with each other for attention.

When I was getting dressed for the day, I thought "Yay, snow!  Perfect blank backdrop to REALLY make these colors and patterns pop, and of course I'll have to add this, and let's make sure that this pattern is just peeking out, and..."  And then I stopped...blank backdrop so my outfit will pop??  Umm, Whit, it's WHITE, I could wear head-to-toe grey, and my outfit would STILL pop.

So then I had a full-on argument with myself over whether or not I could actually pull off a simplified look, and with all of the pattern mixing and myriad of colors, I had almost forgotten how.  With all of the Instagram captions of "pattern mixing with..", and "changing it up with fill-in-the-blank colors today", it's become the norm to pattern mix rather than the exception.

Now, hold on a sec, Whitare you saying that the Queen of Pattern Mixing is digressing on her love of patterns??


What I am saying is that my fashion senses have become so overloaded with mixing patterns and colors that I am STARVING for something simple.  I've basically forgotten how beautiful it is to wear one color and add interest, instead of making my ENTIRE outfit interesting. 


Looking at my outfit, I obviously did not quit my pattern mixing, I have fair isle, and gingham.

But the sweater and shirt are in the same color family.

In fact, from top to bottom, it's the same family AND shade of color.

So how'd I do it?

I mixed patterns.

Uhhh, but didn't you just say....

Before you think I'm contradicting myself, let me explain---I pattern mixed, yes, but with a shirt that is in the same color family.  It's not competing with my sweater for attention, it's complimenting it.  Imagine walking through a zoo, "and now here we have the polka dots, a rather sneaky little pattern, often competing for attention, and now let's jump to the next exhibit with the striped vest, and oh here we have the bright pink plaid thrown in, and.."  Literally bouncing from one part of my outfit to the next instead of flowing seamlessly from head to toe,  it was as if my outfit had ADHD.

And I started getting bored with pattern mixing.


And I don't think I'm the only one, either.

The Deets:
sweater:  Ralph Lauren boys, love this one | shirt:  J.Crew Factory | jeans:  Paige Denim 
boots:  Hunter (kids' size) | boot socks: Hunter | lipstick: BareMinerals in Cherry Red 


So how do we do it, ladies, go back to the basics but still keeping our love of pattern mixing?  How do we *gulp*.....simplify?  Try this, if you're going to mix patterns, use only one shade of color.  Pink plaid with pink stripes.  Navy polka dots and navy gingham.  Two different patterns in contrasting pattern sizes, but the same color family.

Or if you're going to use contrasting patterns in two different colors, then keep the rest of your outfit simple.  Navy gingham would look especially chic layered underneath a beige striped sweater and camel denim and riding boots.  Simple, still have the pattern mixing, but the outfit flows together. Think the two-tone palette is a little flat, even with the pattern mixing?  Add red.  Or pink.  Add just a little bit of a third color, and you will be surprised at how clean yet chic you look.  Seriously, your eyes and the eyes of bystanders will thank you!  In fact, your brain will be delighted!

So ladies, I normally do not make New Year's Resolutions, and yes I know it's February 3rd, but it's never too late to start.  I'm making myself a closet resolution, and that is to simplify.  I am by no means advocating the downfall of pattern mixing.  I simply want to strive for more simplicity.  Simple colors, simple patterns, and leave the multiple colors and patterns for special occasions.

What do you think, do you think we've gone a little overboard with pattern mixing?
What are some ways you'd go back to simplicity?

Stay Classy!


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Striped Shirt & Camel Collaboration w/ Nines to 5

I know it's been practically a month since I last blogged, and I am so excited to be making an appearance!  If all goes as planned, I will be back to a somewhat normal blogging schedule, with two posts a week, and I've got a couple of giveaways coming your way over the next couple of months!

I'm pretty excited to tell you about my Christmas vacation in Germany (I'm sure you all are excited, too), but today I'm kicking off the new year with a collaboration with my friend Preeti!  Today we are styling a white striped top two ways.

The Deets:
striped shirt:  H&M, similar here and heregingham shirt:  J.Crew Factory (old), similar | skirt:  J.Crew Factory
purse:  Kate Spade Wellesley Rachelle in Snapdragon pink (sold out), (check eBay!!) love this one
tights:  Hanes, c/o | boots:  Ariat, c/o | lipstick:  Estee Lauder in Pink Parfait

The Breton Sailor top, is it is properly known, is one of the most versatile tops in my wardrobe.  I've paired it with just about every shade of colored denimplaid, polka dot chambray and herringbone--layered under and over shirts...I loved this top so much that I even got the short sleeved version of it last summer!

Last Sunday when I was putting together my outfit for the day, I was stuck as to what skirt to pair with the tops.  Like any good blogger would do, I texted Preeti to ask her opinion, and she suggested pairing a camel skirt with the striped top and gingham.  She then sent me a photo of her outfit, and turns out we basically had the same idea!  :D  We both paired our shirt with camel, and I added my new Christmas present as a bold pop of color.  Let's just say that love doesn't begin to describe how much I adore this Kate Spade!!!  Definitely more posts and IG pics to come #sorrynotsorry.  Preeti paired her top with a camel blazer and boyfriend jeans for a stylish look that is perfect for a night out with friends.  You can check out her post here!

Hope everyone will have a great week, and I can't wait to share my travel pics from Germany this week!

Stay Classy!


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Classy Holidays Part 1: Reindeer Sweater & Plaid

WOW, where has the time gone??  In one week I will be on my way to GERMANY for Christmas (I already have several offers from people to be my "bag holder"/ride in my carry-on), and just like that my first semester will be FINISHED.

With the holiday season comes festive sweaters, plaids on the daily, and the green light to sing aloud the Christmas carols I've been humming since July! :D  (I'm that girl who thinks Christmas music should be sung year round)....and I'm also that girl who wears plaid like it's going out of style, but I digress.

If you've planned out your outfits for the entire month of December (guilty), that's AWESOME--however, if you're struggling with deciding on something festive to wear, I will be sharing three Classy looks for the holidays, and how you can make them your own, so let's dive right in with Part One!

If you're attending a low-key work party, having a few friends over, or heading out on a date, this outfit is perfect for you!  Skinny jeans, pumps and a sweater are taken up a notch by choosing bright, festive colors and patterns.  If you've been hesitant about jumping on the pattern-mixing train, Christmas-time is the perfect season to try it out!  Just remember that if you pattern mix up top, keep the bottom portion pretty simple...unless your shoes happen to match your color scheme, which mine definitely do! *happy dance*

Ok, can we switch gears and talk about fair isle and reindeer sweaters for a sec???  I'm sure you've heard me say this, but seriously you all, I love them just as much as plaid!  I went to Nashville with my sisters and mother for Black Friday shopping, and the first thing I grabbed when I stepped foot in J.Crew Factory was this sweater.  He-LLO, how cute is that reindeer face???  His name is Herbert, btw.

That's right, I named the reindeer.

That's on my sweater.


But seriously, how #totesadorbs are these reindeer paws??

Let's keep it festive but simple---try pairing bright red pants or skirt with a plaid button down and grey sweater, and add some festive pumps (or flats).  Keep the rest of your accessories simple, especially if you've got lots of patterns and bright colors happening in your outfit---you don't want to look like you belong on a Christmas tree!

 sweater:  J.Crew Factory | plaid shirt:  Walmart, love this one
pants:  Charlotte Russe (old), similar here & here | pumps:  J.Crew Factory
bracelet:  Pink Pineapple Shop, c/o (sold out) but other options available!
ring:  Charming Charlie (old) | lip color:  BareMinerals in Cherry Red

There is just something so festive and cozy about a fair isle sweater.  Whether you are from the North or just love the Christmas-y feel, nothing says the holidays quite like a festive print.  So naturally, like any reindeer-fair-isle-sweater-obsessed person would do, I went on a *window* shopping spree and rounded up all my favorites.  Check some of them out below!

And if you still aren't convinced, check out the "motherload" of festive sweaters at boohoo.com, but don't get crazy.

So whether you're heading out to a friend's house or date night with your man, add a festive sweater, top your look off with a bright lippie, and enjoy the holiday season.

Merry Christmas, everyone,

Stay Classy!


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Perfectly Coutured




I hope everyone had safe travels last week and a wonderful time spent with family and being thankful for just the everyday things in your lives!  I had a wonderful time with my family, had a girls' shopping trip to Nashville with my sisters, mother, and nephew, and somehow managed NOT to get in a food coma :D.

While I did make it out for some Black Friday shopping, my preference is to cozy up in my fuzzy socks, grab a cup of tea, and relax with some Netflix and my iPad.  Since I am a teacher, calling in sick for the day would not go over well, I did spend 30 minutes curled up in bed this morning before my alarm went off and managed so snag some goodies from J.Crew Factory!  Today is the perfect day to cross off names on your Christmas or holiday shopping list, and with lots of businesses offering free shipping, it's hard to say no.  Check out my favorite sales below, and Happy Shopping!

J.CREW FACTORY is 50% off everything, no code needed, PLUS an additional 10% off with code YOUVEGOTSALE

KATE SPADE is 30% off everything with code CYBER30

TORY BURCH is spend $300 receive 30% off, spend $500 receive 25% off, and spend $750 receive 30% off with code LUCKY

ANN TAYLOR | 50% off your entire purchase with code CYBER50
ASOS | 30% off with code ILOVEMONDAYS
BAUBLEBAR | 20% off with code CYBER20
CWONDER | 40% off everything, no code needed + free shipping on orders of $100
GAP | 40% off your purchase with code CYBER
50% off everything + extra 10% + free shipping with code YOUVEGOTSALE
H&M | 30% off + free shipping on orders of $50 or more with code 2896
LOREN HOPE | 20% off with code THANKFULLY + free shipping
OLD NAVY | Up to 40% off everything with code CYBER
SOLE SOCIETY | 30% off all shoes and bags, no code needed

Stay Classy!


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