Plaid it's Not (yet) Winter

As I am looking over these pictures from a week and a half ago (I'm behind, I know), I can't believe it was just that---a week and a half ago!  Let me explain; if you've watched the news, or have summoned up the courage to poke your head outside within the past couple days, you more than likely met with an icy blast a not-so fond memories of last year's Polar Vortex.

Here in my area, we got a little bit of snow and below freezing temperatures....and most of the leaves fell off of the trees.  My favorite part of fall, the changing of the leaves and falling to the ground, is over just like that.  Thankfully the weather is supposed to return to fall-like temperatures this week, because I am not mentally prepared for winter, just yet!

Hats do not a good hair day make, :P

Sooo, plaid and houndstooth...Probably my favorite fall pairing of all because it keeps making a regular appearance in my outfit rotation!  As in, this particular dress and plaid shirt combination keeps making an almost weekly appearance in my outfit rotation.

You know what it's like when you put together an outfit that just really clicks and you want to wear it over and over again?

I can't be the only one :D.

But it's not just because of the pattern mixing, this dress is super COMFORTABLE!  The dress is made out of a thick jersey-like material, almost like wearing athletic apparel.  I kid you not, I was pleasantly surprised just how comfortable, and it has pockets.  As a teacher, comfort and pockets are two of the most important things I look for in work wear, so this dress was a no-brainer!  Unfortunately if you're not on the petite side, this dress will not fit as it is from Crewcuts.  I haven't tried on the dress from the women's section, so I cannot attest to the comfortable-ness, but it looks pretty versatile!

And can we talk about these shoes???  Plaid loafers...Plaid + loafers.  Loafers that are plaid.  

And they're comfortable.

And they're on sale.

You're welcome.

This Roman numeral and pearl faced bracelet quickly became my daily go-to piece, it so easily stacks with other bracelets!

With it being much colder this morning than when I took this pictures, I've traded in the flats for a thick pair of boot socks and riding boots.  As much as I love my plaid loafers, I am not willing to sacrifice for the sake of fashion just yet :D.  

 The Deets:
dress:  Crewcuts, love this dress | button down:  Walmart (love this one) | shoes:  J.Crew Factory (on sale!!)
necklace:  The Crystal Feather Boutique, c/o | cuff:  Pink Pineapple Shop, c/o lipstick:  MAC in Charismatic

 I never truly appreciated fall until the season grew shorter and winter seemed to grow colder.  It's funny how you never really appreciate things until they are (almost) gone!  You tell yourself "next time I'll do X, Y and Z," or "I don't have time today but tomorrow, maybe..."  And just like the cold weather that crept upon us, you miss out on whatever it was you had pushed off doing.

With the weather warming back up this week, I am going to make more of an effort to spend time outside and enjoy the last bits of fall before it disappears until next year.  I hadn't planned on turning this into a make-the-most-of-what-you-have speech, but there have been so many things in my life that I have missed out on because I kept putting them off, thinking I had "more time".  If you have an opportunity to make a memory, to enjoy an experience you keep saving for a better day, take it.  You do not know what tomorrow will bring.

Or if another Polar Vortex will show up.

Stay Classy!


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Gracefullee Made


"Orange and Golden, Red and Brown" feat. Leopard & Latte Blanket Scarf

The Deets:
scarf:  Leopard & Latte Inc. c/o  use code CLASSYSASSY10 to receive 10% off your order!
polka dot shirt:  Boden, similar, gingham would look nice! | dolman top:  H&M, love this poncho
denim:  Paige Denim | boots:  Ariat, c/o | handbag:  Kate Spade, similar 
lipstick:  MAC in Charismatic | nail color:  Julep in "Joyce

Part of the title from today's post are lyrics from a song I've been singing with my kindergarten and 1st graders.  "In the autumn see the leaves, soaring gently in the breeze!  Now they're falling, falling down.  Orange and golden, red and brown".  The kiddos and I have had a blast exploring our singing voices and learning about the directions they can move....And it helps that they got to play with leaves at the same time :D.  Not going to lie, seeing my young ones learning to use their voices and creating their own, albeit short, vocal song has been a HUGE joy these past several days!  Some of my Autistic kids have even gotten up in front of the class to show their singing voice...Kids who, up until this point, have not participated much in music.  When their eyes light up, I know why I am teaching! :)

With that being said, I am SUPER glad it's the weekend!  Most certainly there are wonderful moments, but getting to those wonderful moments takes hard work, and I am exhausted!  The weather has been getting colder, it's been rainy, and casual Fridays have meant more to me now than they ever did in the past! (haha)  One of the things that I CANNOT live without this fall/winter season is a soft, warm BLANKET scarf...or eight....because you wear different outfits! *duh* :D  An obsession?
Most definitely.

Do I need an intervention??  
My husband certainly thinks so, but when a shiny new plaid blanket scarf pops up on the radar, girlfriend's on a mission to put that in her closet!  Sorry, statement necklaces, you just don't keep my neck warm enough.

So when Leopard & Latte began carrying blanket scarves....and in lots of pretty colors...I'll just let that last picture speak for itself!  Other than purchasing from Zara, Leopard & Latte has been carrying some of my all-time favorite blanket scarves, and seeing how quickly they've sold out, many of you think so, too!  If there is a scarf that is sold out that you were dying to get your hands on, you can email them here to inquire about restocking.

Not going to lie, I am COMPLETELY obsessed with this orange and navy scarf!!  I am not ashamed to say that I've worn this outfit twice this week, I've paired this scarf with an olive vest, and I've worn it as an infinity scarf with my striped excursion vest and leggings.  If you've been wanting to jump on the blanket scarf trend but didn't like the humongous size of the Zara scarf (unflattering hair-poof in the back), I highly recommend trying out a scarf from Leopard & Latte.  They are the same length as the original blanket scarves, but the width is cut almost in half, making it less bulky when folding and wearing it *blanketscarfhairpoofbegone. It's still large enough to be worthy of the title BLANKET scarf, but waaay more manageable. 

So treat yo' self!  Use code CLASSYSASSY10 to receive 10% off your order, and one (or two) before they disappear.  And if you're wondering how to style it, check out this tutorial for some ideas!

Stay Classy!


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It's Time to Layer with Elbow Patches & Tweed Skirts

With the weather bouncing back and forth between 50s one day and almost 80 the next, I did a happy dance when I saw the forecast for the weekend predicting much cooler weather.  Don't get me wrong, I LOVE sunshine and warm weather, and the thought of another Polar Vortex of a winter leaves me nauseated, but there is nothing better than snuggling into a cozy sweater!


shirt:  H&M, similar herehere, and here | skirt:  J.Crew Factory (similar plus an additional 30% off!), last styled here 
vest:  Esprit, similar here, here and here | tights:  Target, love these | boots:  Ariat, c/o, similar here

Ok, if elbow patches existed on every shirt and sweater, all would be right with the world...I'm pretty sure that's not the first time I've said this, but seriously, don't you agree??  I got this shirt last year from H&M but they've come out with an almost identical one (complete with elbow patches), so I highly recommend snatching one before they go!

And another thing I recommend?  Nabbing this tweed skirt while it's on sale!  Is very similar, fabric wise, to the skirt pictured above, but I love the straight silhouette of the mini skirt.  Let's face it, besides elbow patches, tweed and herringbone will never be going out of style!  Certainly a preppy staple in any fall and winter wardrobe, it can easily be dressed up with a silk blouse and pumps, or dressed down with a plaid shirt and riding boots.  Tuck the your blouse into the skirt for a more polished look, or tie the shirttails in front for a fun flirty feel.  Throw on a slouchy sweater to balance out the slim silhouette of the skirt.  The possibilities for this skirt are endless!  Oh, and did I mention that tweed is basically a (sophisticated) neutral?  Any color, any time.

I ended up purchasing this dress from Crewcuts because I loved the tweed front (just so happens to be the same material as the skirt), buuuut I just might have to snag the skirt now that it's on sale...And i may not be able to resist these loafers...What can I say, my obsession love of tweed is right up there with plaid and fair isle! :D

How would you style a tweed skirt?

Stay Classy!


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Perfectly Coutured


J.Crew Factory (AH-Mazing) Fall Arrivals: Looking at some Plaids, Burgundy, and Bows

Ok, ladies, for those of you participating in the #noshopoctober challenge, I profusely apologize for what I am about to post....

For the rest of us NOT participating, THERE ARE NEW ARRIVALS AT J.Crew Factory, and right now EVERYTHING is 50% off in-stores AND online!!!!

(sorry, ladies)

I may or may not have bought M part of his Christmas present, but ohhh is it so difficult to wait until paycheck to snag some of these beauties! Lots of burgundies and plaids (I may or may not be salivating over these pumps), and the ever classic fair isle is beginning to make its debut (steal this Factory version from the boys--super comfy!) And could a bow-addict resist this pair of pumps...or the glitter bow flats???? And speaking of bows....grab a pair of these adorable tights, while you can, because they sold out FAST last year! See how I styled them last year with a plaid dress and glitter belt.

Stay Classy!


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Exploring in Bean Boots & Bombed by Walnuts

86 and sunny to 55 and rainy in less than 24 hours...Yup, that was last Friday!  But I can't really complain, because now it's officially layers and boot season and I am chomping at the bit.  One of things I love about fall is comfy knit sweaters and thick boot socks....And Bean boots....and cups of hot cider.  I love fall, ok??  A perfect fall day is when the sun is shining, a slight breeze is blowing, and it's just cool enough to need a jacket but not too cold to be miserable.  

 While the husband and I were walking the trails, it was basically duck and cover from the the walnuts raining down from the trees.  Did you know that squirrels like to drop their nuts from trees??  Yeah, me neither.  And apparently they find it funny if people are walking underneath said trees. :D
Get excited about this bow bracelet, I'm making them to order soon!!
 Now about these Bean boots; if you plan on purchasing a pair, I would suggest ordering them NOW before the weather actually turns cold.  Remember the Polar Vortex from last year and the layers of ice and snow that lasted for weeks?  Don't wait until then.  I made the mistake of trying to purchase a pair in November, and they were already on back-order until February...and then April...and by the time I actually got the size I needed, it was May.  So, these little pretties have been sitting in my closet for the past few months, and yes I basically wished my summer away just so it would get cool enough for me to FINALLY break them out! :D  And you know what I did when the weather finally got cool enough?  Danced around my apartment, singing about how I could finally wear my boots.  You can imagine how enthused M was! ;)

 sweater:  Charming Charlie, c/o (On SALE for $14!!!) | shirt:  J.Crew Factory, similar here and here
denim:  Paige Premium, similar | jacket:  Barbour, similar here
boots:  L.L Bean, love these and these | socks:  Uniqlo, similar here and here 
bracelet:  Classy Sassy | pearls:  Charming Charlie, c/o

If you are wanting to order a pair of boots but unsure as to what size, I would recommend purchasing a size below your normal shoe size.  Some reviewers recommended not sizing down if you plan on wearing your boots with thick socks, but for me I still needed to size down.  If you all can think of a less expensive alternative to Bean boots (and the ones I listed), let me know because I am always on the lookout for a great deal to share with you!

Our hike through the trails was such a refresher for the soul.  Does anyone else besides me feel completely relaxed and at peace when the breeze is just blowing, the sun is shining, and the leaves are beginning to change?  What is it about crisp apples, warm blanket snuggles, and sweaters that have us so entranced?  Even watching that silly squirrel hopping from branch to branch, dropping walnuts to the ground to bury was magical.  I always thought that the walnuts just fell to the ground by themselves, squirrels are pretty smart creatures!

Looking forward to many more hikes and chilly fall days, and hoping that fall sticks around for awhile.  What's your favorite part about fall?

Stay Classy!


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