J.Crew Factory (AH-Mazing) Fall Arrivals: Looking at some Plaids, Burgundy, and Bows

Ok, ladies, for those of you participating in the #noshopoctober challenge, I profusely apologize for what I am about to post....

For the rest of us NOT participating, THERE ARE NEW ARRIVALS AT J.Crew Factory, and right now EVERYTHING is 50% off in-stores AND online!!!!

(sorry, ladies)

I may or may not have bought M part of his Christmas present, but ohhh is it so difficult to wait until paycheck to snag some of these beauties! Lots of burgundies and plaids (I may or may not be salivating over these pumps), and the ever classic fair isle is beginning to make its debut (steal this Factory version from the boys--super comfy!) And could a bow-addict resist this pair of pumps...or the glitter bow flats???? And speaking of bows....grab a pair of these adorable tights, while you can, because they sold out FAST last year! See how I styled them last year with a plaid dress and glitter belt.

Stay Classy!


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Exploring in Bean Boots & Bombed by Walnuts

86 and sunny to 55 and rainy in less than 24 hours...Yup, that was last Friday!  But I can't really complain, because now it's officially layers and boot season and I am chomping at the bit.  One of things I love about fall is comfy knit sweaters and thick boot socks....And Bean boots....and cups of hot cider.  I love fall, ok??  A perfect fall day is when the sun is shining, a slight breeze is blowing, and it's just cool enough to need a jacket but not too cold to be miserable.  

 While the husband and I were walking the trails, it was basically duck and cover from the the walnuts raining down from the trees.  Did you know that squirrels like to drop their nuts from trees??  Yeah, me neither.  And apparently they find it funny if people are walking underneath said trees. :D
Get excited about this bow bracelet, I'm making them to order soon!!
 Now about these Bean boots; if you plan on purchasing a pair, I would suggest ordering them NOW before the weather actually turns cold.  Remember the Polar Vortex from last year and the layers of ice and snow that lasted for weeks?  Don't wait until then.  I made the mistake of trying to purchase a pair in November, and they were already on back-order until February...and then April...and by the time I actually got the size I needed, it was May.  So, these little pretties have been sitting in my closet for the past few months, and yes I basically wished my summer away just so it would get cool enough for me to FINALLY break them out! :D  And you know what I did when the weather finally got cool enough?  Danced around my apartment, singing about how I could finally wear my boots.  You can imagine how enthused M was! ;)

 sweater:  Charming Charlie, c/o (On SALE for $14!!!) | shirt:  J.Crew Factory, similar here and here
denim:  Paige Premium, similar | jacket:  Barbour, similar here
boots:  L.L Bean, love these and these | socks:  Uniqlo, similar here and here 
bracelet:  Classy Sassy | pearls:  Charming Charlie, c/o

If you are wanting to order a pair of boots but unsure as to what size, I would recommend purchasing a size below your normal shoe size.  Some reviewers recommended not sizing down if you plan on wearing your boots with thick socks, but for me I still needed to size down.  If you all can think of a less expensive alternative to Bean boots (and the ones I listed), let me know because I am always on the lookout for a great deal to share with you!

Our hike through the trails was such a refresher for the soul.  Does anyone else besides me feel completely relaxed and at peace when the breeze is just blowing, the sun is shining, and the leaves are beginning to change?  What is it about crisp apples, warm blanket snuggles, and sweaters that have us so entranced?  Even watching that silly squirrel hopping from branch to branch, dropping walnuts to the ground to bury was magical.  I always thought that the walnuts just fell to the ground by themselves, squirrels are pretty smart creatures!

Looking forward to many more hikes and chilly fall days, and hoping that fall sticks around for awhile.  What's your favorite part about fall?

Stay Classy!


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Trench Coats, Scarves, and Back to Blogging

HELLO EVERYONE!!!!  Wow, it's been a whirlwind of a school year from Day 1, but oh my goodness I have been chomping at the bit to get back here!  I have missed taking outfit pictures (not the funny looks that people give you...totally forgot about those), "researching" the latest arrivals in stores (a.k.a. shopping :D), and the amazing community

Ok, ok, where to begin...as I'm writing this, I'm currently sitting in my Happy Place (a.k.a. Starbucks), sipping a Blackberry Mojito Lemonade and procrastinating walking across the street to switch out loads of laundry at the laundromat...and I'm procrastinating with lesson planning...and cleaning my apartment.

Oh yes, ladies, that last one has been a constant struggle since beginning my first year of teaching!  I come home exhausted, both physically and mentally, and the only thing I want to do is to check out for the evening.  I've been so thankful for my husband, who has been stepping up and doing most of the cooking and dishes while I try to get my feet under me.  I couldn't do this without him!

But while I have been exhausted, and yes I've had my fair share of #firstyearteacherproblems, I have experienced SO many wonderful things that even on the most frustrating of days, I am reminded that it's all worth it.

SO, what are some of the things I've experienced so far as a new teacher??  First off, I am very blessed to be at an amazing school, filled with teachers who really care about their students and all work long hours to ensure they are being the best they can be, I have wonderful administrators, and my kiddos are the sweetest!  The second week of school, I had a student tell me his dog ate his music folder...I literally just laughed out loud as I typed that, he was so serious, and apparently his dog is big enough to grab things off tables, so I let that one slide.  Another student, when asked why she didn't have her recorder (those flute-looking things you all "played" in elementary school :D), she replied that it fell out of her mother's car, and her mom ran over it.  And then there are the hugs that you get, and the excitement in the students' eyes when they walk into your room that always brightens my day.  

Yup, it's good to be a teacher!

But while I am absolutely in love with my job and I know it is where I am meant to be, my passion for blogging and fashion have certainly not diminished!  I have missed being here SO SO much, and if you all will be patient with me, I am attempting to get back into a regular blogging schedule!  *yaaay!*  With fall being my favorite season, I figured now would be a great time as ever to jump back in!  

The past two weeks have been unusually warm for fall, in the Bluegrass; the day will start out chilly, and then jump 20 or 30 degrees to be in the low 80s in the afternoon.  While I'm not complaining about the sunshine and beautiful weather, I am more than ready to layer up and STAY layered throughout the day.

scarf:  Zara, love these & thesecoat:  Woolrich, similiar | skirt:  J.Crew Factory, similar 
boots:  Ariat, c/o, similar | tights:  Target, love these

One of the perfect layers for fall is a lightweight trench coat.  Whether it's 40 degrees and chilly, or a breezy 60 degrees and sunn, the trench coat can easily be layered with a thick blanket scarf or worn by itself.  New York & Company is currently having a wonderful fall sale, and yesterday I saw a gorgeous bright red trench coat in the store that is normally $99, on sale for $69!  Unfortunately the red color is sold out online, but I would highly recommend  checking it out in the store.

A trench coat, like any piece of outerwear, is a great investment piece.  It is a piece that can be utilized in just about any season, and is a great staple to have in your wardrobe for years to come.  There's just something so classy about a trench coat that instantly adds class to any outfit.  Choose a color that you know will work well with what you already have, like navy, cream, beige, or black, or if you want your coat to be the centerpiece of your outfit, try a fun pop of color like a bright red or maroon (again, STOP BY NY&CO!!), cerulean, or stripes (<---dying p="">
Whatever the occasion may be, the trench coat would be a timeless and versatile addition to your wardrobe.  I have a feeling my trench coat (and blanket scarves) will be making LOTS of appearances this fall!

What is your favorite trench coat color, and how would you style it?

Stay Classy!


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Belted Escapada Tunic

 The Deets:
tunic via Monkee's (sold out) | shorts | clutch 
necklace (similar) | pumps (similar) | belt (similar)

WHEW, I'm all packed and ready to jet off to Germany for three weeks!

Oh wait, how long has it been since I've been on here??  Outch, three weeks...Guess it's time to play catch-up with Whit!

As most of you know, I've been busy getting my new classroom ready for the school year, and being a new teacher, I'm a bit of a perfectionist wanting to get everything just so.  I'm sure some of you seasoned teachers know what I'm talking about; starry-eyed, determined to change the world one child at a time,  attempting to plan a bajillion teacher-of-the-year-worthy activities...and then reality check, you're not Wonder Woman.

But once I accepted that I would not be able to finish everything in time, I was free to focus on the things that mattered most, and somehow managed to maintain a shred of sanity...

Did I mention that I became an aunt last week and am leaving for Germany today??  
Maybe I spoke too soon about the sanity thing.

While I gave up a couple days of classroom planning, it was more than made for when I got to meet my NEPHEW!!!  You guys, I have never fallen so much in love with a baby before now, there's just something so incredible about being an aunt that I never knew until now.  He just so happens to be the most adorable baby boy ever, and since all of the neonatal nurses affirmed my claims, I know I'm not being partial ;).

Ok, so on to Germany for the next three weeks, and the morning after I return, school begins. D:  Let me just say that I have been looking forward to this trip ALL. SUMMER. LONG.  Three weeks of relaxing, shopping, visiting family, food...I still can't believe that it's finally here!
So what does that mean for the blog...I will not be disappearing again, I will have plenty of down time to write a blog post or three while I'm gone, and really, I'd love nothing more than to share some more sites from Germany (maaajor shopping excursion, so stay tuned!!).

Thank you guys so much for all of your support and well wishes while I've been getting my classroom together, I am super excited to get started and while that means more absences from the blog, I am ITCHING to get back into a normal rhythm after I get settled in at school.

Follow along on Instagram while I'm in Germany, plenty of food and sight-seeing pics will be making their appearance :D

Bleiben stilvolle!


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Blue & Yellow: A Love Affair

Photo credit | Emily T.
The Deets:
shirt:  J.Crew Factory | shorts:  J.Crew Factory (last seen here) | cardigan:  H&M, similar
shoes:  Sperry, similar | pearls:  HelloFab | anchor necklace:  Leopard & Latte Inc, c/o
anchor bracelet:  Kiel James Patrick

I know today should technically be devoted to red, white, and blue ensembles (which I have somewhat adhered to on Instagram), but I have been wanting to share my latest color combo obsession; yellow and blue.  Lemon yellow and baby blue, navy and light yellow, gold and navy, yellow and turquoise; you name the shades, and chances are I have paired them together (note:  these are not my personal outfits, I am using them for inspiration)!  I never really had an affinity for the color yellow because a lot of shades do not pair well with my blonde hair and fair skin, but I've found that shades of canary, marigold, and lemonade yellows all seem to make my skin glow.  And ya know, glowing skin is sort of a plus. :D  If you're wondering what shades would pair best with your skin tone, or even if you have no idea what skin tone you are, this is a great article to read!

And did I mention how fabulous yellow and blue look together??  While I won't be ditching the navy-pink or red-navy combinations (I mean, could anyone truly abandon such classy colors?), I have been looking for more ways to pair blue and yellow together.  Aaaand nautical is a great way to go with yellow and blue combos.  Seriously, does anything remind you more of sand and surf than these two colors together??

So if you're looking for outfit inspiration for festivities tomorrow, check out these four outfits I've recently worn Instagram! my favorite ----> Outfit 1 | Outfit 2 | Outfit 3 | Outfit 4

Be safe tomorrow, and as always,

Stay Classy!


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