Kate Spate Surprise Sale

It's my favorite time of the year!!!  Well, almost my favorite...I mean, can you really blame me for getting excited about a Kate Spade Surprise Sale???  If you've never shopped a KS surprise sale, let me share with you, it is THE most amazing sale that takes place!  Certain pieces are on sale for up to 75% off the original price (you read that right), and the sale lasts for two days only.  Each sale has a theme, this sale is all things color, and some sales are better than others.  You can shop the rest of the sale here!

If I had to play favorites, it's a three-way tie between the lemon print satchel, striped satchel, and the mint mojito cove street.  The mint handbag would be the most versatile (and actually, the blush version is my favorite!), but the lemon print is so fun!!  Not to mention, it would match my KS for Keds sneakers I have...And who can say no to anything with blue stripes???  

And in case you're wondering...Everything on this list is under $200...Actually, everything you see is under $150.  You're welcome :).

I'd love to hear what's catching your eye!

Stay Classy!


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Summer Stripes & Tassels w/J.Mclaughlin & Swell Caroline

Did I tell you or did you tell you that more white and tassels would be coming your way this week?  These white shorts will be my staple this summer when it's too hot to wear denim--they are so comfortable!
Aren't these wooden beads and colorful tassels fun?  The great thing about this statement necklace (besides being so cute) is that it's not heavy like most of my statement necklaces are, which means no icky nasty neck-sweat #ew. 

This whole outfit has me wishing I was on a boat somewhere.  Either pontooning on a lake, or boating out on the ocean--I'll take any body of water at this point, I just a vacay!!  When my husband and I took these photos, it was a balmy 90 degrees (don't look too closely, you'll see my frizz!).  It felt like it should be summer vacation already, and the first thing I want to do is lounge by a body of water.  #justafewmoredays #icandothis

I am so happy to introduce you to an amazing preppy brand, J.McLaughlin!  They are an American brand that began in 1977, and are known for their classic American styles, with a twist.  Looking through their lookbook, I LOVE how they put together unexpected patterns still look classic! For instance, this paisley-print top has a striped trim...or mixing equestrian and nautical themes in this coral and blue dress.

When I was contacted about doing a review on one of their striped shirts, I thought YAY, I get to work with this brand!  But what's going to make this striped shirt better than a similar one that costs only $30 at a department store?  What if I told you that it is the most comfortable shirt I currently own?  It's made of a stretchy *NOT body-hugging* breathable material that literally feels like I'm wearing a comfortable workout shirt.  I kid you not, it's super soft!  And how adorable are those buttons on the shoulder??

As I get older, the more I appreciate fine craftsmanship and want to invest in pieces that I know will lost awhile.  Being a teacher, I have children hanging on me on a daily basis,  jumping up and down, bending, standing, dancing, etc., and I need pieces that can last through seasons and not fall apart.  And c'mon, you can never have too many navy striped tops in your closet! :D

And speaking of you can never have to much of something, didn't I warn you about tassels this summer??  I know I already mentioned this tassel necklace above, but OMG I have gotten so many compliments on it!  I'm glad many of you are also digging the tassel trend this summer, let me know if you find any great pieces that I can add to my collection share with others!

So I while I will not be sipping cocktails by the pool anytime soon, I am going to go sip on on the Starbucks patio...It's the next best thing :D.

Stay Classy!


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Gracefullee Made


Lilly P. Made Me Do It--White Denim + Tassels Obsession

I am going to warn you upfront--I have been overboard with wearing white:  white denim, white shorts, white-one-white top and bottom--and this week will be no different!  In my post later this week, I will be styling this same pair of shorts (because it's so gosh darn HOT right now!!), and more tassels.

Yeah, tassels are another thing I've been loving as of late.  Wearing tassels was definitely a big of a departure from my normal style--preppy, classic, hints of the latest trends here and there...

Let's just say that I blame my newfound love OBSESSION of tassels on this scarf from the Lilly Pulitzer for Target collection...Leave it to the Queen of Southern Prep to make me fall in love with something boho-chic!  This scarf is not the first tassel-adorned accessory I've worn (you know how much I love wearing my tassel necklace from BaubleBar!), but this was the first tassel-covered piece that had caught my eye.

And ever since then tassels have been catching my eye, left and right. As in, I have a folder on my browser dedicated to all things tassels. #sorrynotsorry  So while my style is still very much on the preppy side, I am eager to incorporate bits of other styles; after all, fashion wouldn't be fun if one's style remained unchanged!  

J.Crew Factory gingham shirt & shorts | Lilly Pulitzer for Target scarf (sadly sold out, but I have seen them for a reasonable price on eBay!) | Kate Spade Rachelle in Snapdragon (this one is almost identical!!) | Target sunglasses | c/o Pink Pineapple Shop (sold out)

I seriously can't get enough of this pink and green scarf--and the tassels kill me!  Ever since purchasing this scarf on Pink Day (a.k.a. the day Lilly fans bought out Target), I have been seeing tassels everywhere--necklaces, bracelets, scarves, etc.  Paired with a preppy print like navy gingham, the boho-aesthetic is easily incorporated.  In other words, it looks trendy without looking like you're trying to be uber-trendy...Hopefully that makes sense :D.

In other words, I will be making no apologies for the amount of tassels that will be popping up in my outfit posts, because this is one trend that I am really loving for summer!

Love it or leave it, what's your opinion on the tassel trend?

Stay Classy!


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White Denim + Striped Tunic Obsession

YIKES, it's been two weeks since I last blogged??  I may have fallen off the wagon a little bit, but I'm working hard to stay on.  I love blogging!  Not because I enjoy putting myself out there for the world to see, but I really enjoy the writing process, planning fun outfits for different occasions, photo sessions are a blast (who doesn't love playing model for 15 minutes??), and you all have been so much fun to connect with!

I'm just going to be upfront with you all---I am all about the white denim this season.  I apologetically wore them twice last week, and I foresee them being worn AT LEAST once or twice a week!  They are seriously the easiest pair of pants to style, and white is such a classy way to dress up any outfit.  I am all about easy, versatile pieces, and this pair of jeans tops the cake!

And can we talk about this striped boy shirt--Remember when I was unsure as to whether or not it would be versatile with being petite, and I wasn't sure if I could wear it untucked?  Well let's just say that worn as a tunic with boots, belted over a pair of jeans, or tucked into my white skinny jeans, I am OB-sessed!!  Next time I'm thinking about tying it over this skirt....thoughts?

I know last week I styled this outfit with pops of pink instead of neutrals, but this time I wanted to try a look with more neutrals (leopard's a neutral, right?).  I kept things simple with my accessories because I wanted the shirt/tunic/whateveritis to be the focus because even though it's a simple striped patter, that laid-back chic vibe needed to shine.  Simple accessories that still make a statement have been on heavy rotation in my wardrobe lately!  This gold tassel necklace has especially been making an almost daily appearance--It's the perfect length for tunics, dresses, you can drape it like this for shorter profiles, etc.  I receive so many compliments on it, and it's not even a giant flashy statement necklace!

 Besides tunics and white denim, what versatile pieces are you looking to add to your closet?

Stay Classy!


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Valentino Rockstud Pumps Giveaway!!

Kicking off a Monday with a AH-mazing giveaway!!  While it's not secret that my style is pretty preppy, I love to add some edge or an unexpected twist here and there...Which is why I am SUPER excited to be giving you all the chance for some edge with this giveaway!
I'm teaming up with Lauren from Dressing Dallas as well as some other fabulous bloggers and shops to celebrate Lauren's website relaunch! We are giving one lucky reader a pair of White Valentino Rockstud Pumps, which are valued at $1000! All you have to do is enter through the rafflecopter below! PS: We are offering a pretty cool incentive for completing all of the entries! If you complete all entries, you will receive 10 entries for free (how's that for a deal?!). 

Good luck!




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