Belted Escapada Tunic

 The Deets:
tunic via Monkee's (sold out) | shorts | clutch 
necklace (similar) | pumps (similar) | belt (similar)

WHEW, I'm all packed and ready to jet off to Germany for three weeks!

Oh wait, how long has it been since I've been on here??  Outch, three weeks...Guess it's time to play catch-up with Whit!

As most of you know, I've been busy getting my new classroom ready for the school year, and being a new teacher, I'm a bit of a perfectionist wanting to get everything just so.  I'm sure some of you seasoned teachers know what I'm talking about; starry-eyed, determined to change the world one child at a time,  attempting to plan a bajillion teacher-of-the-year-worthy activities...and then reality check, you're not Wonder Woman.

But once I accepted that I would not be able to finish everything in time, I was free to focus on the things that mattered most, and somehow managed to maintain a shred of sanity...

Did I mention that I became an aunt last week and am leaving for Germany today??  
Maybe I spoke too soon about the sanity thing.

While I gave up a couple days of classroom planning, it was more than made for when I got to meet my NEPHEW!!!  You guys, I have never fallen so much in love with a baby before now, there's just something so incredible about being an aunt that I never knew until now.  He just so happens to be the most adorable baby boy ever, and since all of the neonatal nurses affirmed my claims, I know I'm not being partial ;).

Ok, so on to Germany for the next three weeks, and the morning after I return, school begins. D:  Let me just say that I have been looking forward to this trip ALL. SUMMER. LONG.  Three weeks of relaxing, shopping, visiting family, food...I still can't believe that it's finally here!
So what does that mean for the blog...I will not be disappearing again, I will have plenty of down time to write a blog post or three while I'm gone, and really, I'd love nothing more than to share some more sites from Germany (maaajor shopping excursion, so stay tuned!!).

Thank you guys so much for all of your support and well wishes while I've been getting my classroom together, I am super excited to get started and while that means more absences from the blog, I am ITCHING to get back into a normal rhythm after I get settled in at school.

Follow along on Instagram while I'm in Germany, plenty of food and sight-seeing pics will be making their appearance :D

Bleiben stilvolle!


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Blue & Yellow: A Love Affair

Photo credit | Emily T.
The Deets:
shirt:  J.Crew Factory | shorts:  J.Crew Factory (last seen here) | cardigan:  H&M, similar
shoes:  Sperry, similar | pearls:  HelloFab | anchor necklace:  Leopard & Latte Inc, c/o
anchor bracelet:  Kiel James Patrick

I know today should technically be devoted to red, white, and blue ensembles (which I have somewhat adhered to on Instagram), but I have been wanting to share my latest color combo obsession; yellow and blue.  Lemon yellow and baby blue, navy and light yellow, gold and navy, yellow and turquoise; you name the shades, and chances are I have paired them together (note:  these are not my personal outfits, I am using them for inspiration)!  I never really had an affinity for the color yellow because a lot of shades do not pair well with my blonde hair and fair skin, but I've found that shades of canary, marigold, and lemonade yellows all seem to make my skin glow.  And ya know, glowing skin is sort of a plus. :D  If you're wondering what shades would pair best with your skin tone, or even if you have no idea what skin tone you are, this is a great article to read!

And did I mention how fabulous yellow and blue look together??  While I won't be ditching the navy-pink or red-navy combinations (I mean, could anyone truly abandon such classy colors?), I have been looking for more ways to pair blue and yellow together.  Aaaand nautical is a great way to go with yellow and blue combos.  Seriously, does anything remind you more of sand and surf than these two colors together??

So if you're looking for outfit inspiration for festivities tomorrow, check out these four outfits I've recently worn Instagram! my favorite ----> Outfit 1 | Outfit 2 | Outfit 3 | Outfit 4

Be safe tomorrow, and as always,

Stay Classy!


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Seersucker, Edith Marie, and The New Music Teacher

Photo credit:  Emily Tighe
The Deets:

WOOT WOOT, hello ladies it is GREAT to be (almost) back into the swing of things!  Ok so where to start, there is so much that I'm excited about....

Well first of all I can FINALLY share a big praise the Lord, I have landed a full-time teaching job at an elementary school next year as a music teacher!!!!!  EEEEEEEK, I cannot tell you how excited I am about this, after substitute teaching for two years and applications upon applications, I am SO incredibly excited to have a classroom of my own.  For those of you who have prayed/offered encouragement, thank you so much, I love teaching music just as much as being a blogger, and vice versa.  Two passions, and I am so blessed to get to enjoy them both!

Which brings me to the need to clarify when I said almost back into the swing of things; having my own classroom means I will need to spend the rest of my summer days cleaning, organizing, decorating, and lesson planning to prepare for my kiddos...which means I will be doing my best to post more than once a week, but if I for some reason am absent, you know where I am :).  This by no means I'll be quitting the blog, this has become more than just a fun hobby, and I have enjoyed the wonderful experiences this past year; I just wanted to forewarn you all that I will be very busy (and stressed out) trying to get ready for my new job, and the last thing I want to do is throw together half-hearted posts.

OK, on to the other things I am so excited about but haven't had the time or chance to tell/show you all--this outfit.  In particular, this skirt by the very talented January Hart and this gorgeous sunburst necklace from Edith Marie Jewelry.

Let's talk about this skirt....Seersucker, and a bow.  I could just stop there, and that be enough to hook anyone, BUT it gets even better; it has pockets; and January's skirts are all custom made, meaning you give her your waist and length measurements, so it is literally made to fit.  If you haven't checked out January's Etsy shop, you really are missing out on one of the best shops for preppy, colorful summer skirts!

And did I mention seersucker?

And a bow.

Now, on to another best-kept secret; Edith Marie Jewelry;  I'll let you check out the boutique before moving on.....


Either you are staring skeptically at the computer screen or you are picking your jaw up off the computer desk.  The prices are absolutely unbelievable, and the quality, I kid you not, is WAY better than the prices would indicate!  And that is what makes this boutique one of the greatest finds for us budget fashionistas, the very essence of wallet-friendly fashion.  Tassel necklace for $15?  Pearl cluster bib?  Get both for just under $30, and that's almost the price of one statement necklace from most "budget-friendly" boutiques.  

So I'll leave you to drooling over checking out both boutiques, and I'm going to get busy with cleaning my classroom (GAH, still sounds unreal!!).  But don't worry, I won't be dropping off the map anytime soon, I've got some fun giveaways and awesome new boutiques to introduce to you all!

Stay Classy!


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Friday Frills

Style Elixir


Three-Way Style Tuesday: Red, White, & Blue

Hello everyone!  Thank you all so so much for your kind words and encouragement last Friday, I spent ten days in Indiana with my family and since coming back, I feel like I've been running around like a chicken with its head cut off trying to get caught up and back into the swing of things...Finally unpacking my suitcase, putting away my sewing machine and fabrics....And right now it is currently 1am and I am just now finishing up this post and I have to get up in six hours *bleh*

While things have been busy and stressful, I have a HUGE answer to prayer that I cannot wait to share with you all, and on top of that, five weeks from TODAY I leave for Germany!!!!!  EEEEEK, I am so excited, it really is a highlight of my summer, getting to spend time with my husband and his family, relaxing, shopping, eating...I cannot believe how blessed I am to get to go every year!

I can't believe how quickly it will be here, but one thing that I cannot believe will be here is The 4th of July...in ten more days...Has anyone else besides me not finalized plans, yet??  Every year there is a big band concert in the downtown park, everyone brings their own lawn chairs, and food and drink vendors are scattered about.  It's pretty neat to gather with people in your town to enjoy patriotic classics; I am always overwhelmed with a huge sense of pride and thankfulness for being in this amazing country!

SO to celebrate our Nation's 238th birthday, I've put together three very patriotic, and very red, white, and blue outfits for this week's Three-Way Style Tuesday.  In years past, pretty much every single 4th of July I can remember, it has always been terribly hot and humid, and with outdoor activities being likely, staying cool and comfortable are a must.  Whether you are hosting/attending a cocktail party, barbecue, or just hanging out with a group of friends, check out these styles below to help you put together your festive wear!

And even if you aren't celebrating the 4th of July, red, white, and blue are always a good idea! ;)

Red, White, & Bow
dress | shoes | purse, love this one | belt | necklace | bracelet | pearls

This dress from Target is a must for any summer activity, and with some well-placed pops of red, nautical sailor or Patriotic Princess,  you can't go wrong with sleeveless and strappy sandals.

Patriotic Stripes
shirt | shorts, similar here & here | shoes | hat | necklacewatch | bangle

Stripes upon stripes upon stripes?  Um, why not!  The key is to mix different colored stripes as well as different sizes to keep it from looking overwhelming.  Try a light baby blue paired with red instead of royal to create your patriotic/preppy look!

Preppy Prints

Stars and stripes or dots and stripes, you really can't go wrong with either and since dots and stripes are best friends, it's pretty hard to go wrong with this pair of shorts!  If you want to keep the patterns to a minimum, opt for a solid pair of navy chinos or skirt instead.  And to keep the sun off your face, this monogrammed floppy hat is too adorable to not have!

Well ladies, I'm going to head to bed and try to get some shut-eye before another day of activities.  For next week's Three-Way Style Tuesday, what trend would YOU like to see styled three different ways? 

Stay Classy!


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Peplum & Lilly Ft. Hot Pink Hanger

Photo credit | Elizabeth Cox
The Deets:
peplum:  Hot Pink Hanger, c/o | skirt:  Lilly Pulitzer via eBay, similar here and here | sandals:  Jack Rogers
pearls:  gift | bracelet:  Voce (local boutique), love this one

So, I've gotta brag about this top for a minute....It's my first peplum top EVER (I know, right, where have I been??), and it's eyelet lace.  Oh, and hot pink.  And now I want to buy every peplum top in sight (don't worry, Hubby, I haven't done that...yet) because they are seriously uber flattering, and there is something so girly and flirty about a peplum top!  Peplum tops are amazing at having a slenderizing effect on your silhouette, especially if you're uncomfortable with the extra love around your middle, or if your hips tend to be on the wide side.  The peplum cinches in at the middle and gives the look of having a tiny waist and then flairs beautifully hide your tummy.  Great for days when you're feeling bloated! :D  Or if you're on the opposite side of the spectrum with no curves, a peplum top is a GREAT way to give the illusion of having that fem-fabusch figure!

What can I say, I hopped on the peplum train a little late, but I'm riding it all the way to Happy Town because I am seriously IN LOVE with it!!

Ok, so back to this top in particular....If you haven't heard of or checked out The Hot Pink Hanger, then you've gotta check this place out, girlfriend!  They have such adorable pieces at great price points, and the quality is excellent!  I wore this dress to the Badgley Mischka brunch at Dillards (more deets later!), and again to a wedding, and it is seriously one of my favorite dresses!  I love bright pink and blue together, and the cut is super flattering.

I have worn this pink peplum top so many times and with so many different outfits, it really goes with anything!  I am a huge fan of pieces that can be worn at least three different ways because your price per wear goes down.  With my Lilly skirt I can wear it to church, add a cardigan or blazer and wear it to work; I've worn it with seersucker shorts for lunch dates and running errands...I actually wore that outfit three days in a row because ya know, when no one you know sees you, you gotta wear it again :D #sorrynotsorry  And for some reason, this top and Lilly really get along well!

If you do order this top, you might need to size up a size because it runs on the small size, but you won't regret purchasing it!  Don't forget to check out The Hot Pink Hanger, too many cute things to pass up for summer :)

Stay Classy!


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