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Quilted Vests for $70 or less

Quilted Vests for $70 or less

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It seems that the quilted puffer vest has made a rather triumphant return to fall fashion, these past couple of years, and with good reason!  Long gone are the days of looking like the Michelin Tire Man if you wanted to layer up, the silhouettes have been made more feminine with cinching at the waist and quilted stitching to give it a softer feel.  Now, when J.Crew came out with there line of vests this year, my heart skipped a beat.  FINALLY a vest that I could love and wear….until I looked at the price tag.  Now, don’t get me wrong, I believe in investing in pieces that will last for a few seasons, and the puffer vest is certainly the case, but right now my wallet just doesn’t want to comply.

So began my quest to find good looking alternatives at a price point that both myself and my wallet (and ok, the husband, too), could agree on.  For outerwear, I consider less than $70 to be a pretty good deal, especially with how often they can be worn and for many seasons to come.  That being said, two of the vests are currently on sale for under $70, and the other two vests are under $30!

The oxblood vest is from Sears, and is jaw-dropping $14.99 online!  If you go into the store, they can order it for you and you’ll receive free shipping.  It also comes in six other colors, including the coveted shade of olive.  You could literally buy all seven colors and still pay less than one J.Crew puffer vest.
You’re welcome πŸ™‚

The Tommy Hilfiger puffer vest normally retails for a little less than a J.Crew Factory vest, but with a sale going on PLUS an additional 20% off, you can snag this for a wallet-friendly $44.  Comes in white, black, and fuchsia as well.

This gorgeous emerald green quilted vest with faux suede details is a currently on sale for $25 at Kohl’s!  And, if you have a Kohl’s charge card, you can take an extra 15% off without a promo code.  Seriously, I think I like these vests just as much as the J.Crew vests, and it comes in six different colors.

Last but not least, this gorgeous UK blue vest!  I am literally swooning over this gorgeous color, and not just because I’m a Wildcats fan.  This is the most expensive one of the four, but with the extra 20% off at Macy’s it brings this vest to a very manageable $55.  I think this might have to come home with me very soon.

Here’s the most awesome part about these vests:  You could snag all four of these vests for $140, just over the price of ONE J.Crew excursion vest, OR, snag any combination of the three for less than $120.  If you have been salivating over the J.Crew vests but couldn’t commit to the price for just one vest, these vests would definitely be worth the savings!

Which vest is your favorite?


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PS:  congratulations to Katie H. for winning the $300 Target gift card!!  Please email Lily Cano at to claim your prize!

Fall Wishlist

Hello Lovelies!
I wanted to share with you all some things that I have been eyeing on my fall wishlist!  I cannot tell you how SUPER excited I am bout fall fashion, getting to layer with chunky sweaters and jackets, thick scarves and blazers, plaids, puffer vests….Riding boots!  I would have to say that Fall is one of my favorite seasons of fashion. 
I am still writing to you from my iPad, and it looks like I won’t have my laptop back any sooner than tomorrow, but it is (hopefully) being fixed.  And they were able to back-up all of my data, so that is a huge answer to prayer!!
Fall Wishlist

Let me just say that the H&M online store cannot be launched soon enough.  That’s right, in just a couple of weeks, the online store will be available here in the US! Pretty dangerous, right????
Anywho, I have been eyeing their new fall collection that came out and the pieces are wonderful!  This hunter green corduroy blazer is at the top of my list, and at an amazing price, too!  It is definitely a classic piece that will stay in style for years, especially with its flattering cut and leather elbow patches.
Some of the other pieces I picked made their debut last fall but weren’t really hot trends until this summer.  The leather pants or pleather leggings are definitely a hot trend I have seen all over Pinterest, paired with a chunky knit sweater or a chambray top and blazer.  The mustard colored skirt and oxblood chinos are some of the popular color trends you will see this fall, but they are easy transition  pieces for right now!
And you can’t have fall or winter without the classic plaid print (properly known as tartan)!  I have been eyeing this J.Crew factory shirt for awhile, and with 40% off sale going on, I just might have to snag it!
What items are on your wishlist?

Happy Humpday, lovelies!

Comfortable in Your Style: Canary Yellow, Purple, and Red Accents

Happy Wednesday, lovelies!
You all might think I’m crazy, but I am actually glad that the week is only half over because there seems to be SO much to do in SO little time.  You know what I mean?  I’m actually not pining away for the weekend, just yet, because once the weekend hits, it will be a quick decent to when we leave.  Thankfully we have some good friends apartment-sitting while we’re gone, so no worries for us. πŸ™‚  Am I not excited about going?  I’m beyond excited!  I NEED a vacation.  I’m just worried that I might not get everything done in time.

Yesterday I had a floor interview at a boutique, and I was told to dress in an outfit that described my style.  That’s a tough question for most, but for some reason, I had no problem picking out my outfit yesterday!  I knew I wanted to wear something that was classic yet colorful (the proverbial “classic with a twist” style), so I grabbed my yellow blouse and immediately gravitated towards my purple skirt.  Had you asked me a year ago to pair something with my purple skirt, the yellow shirt would have been THE LAST thing I would have chosen, “too daring for me!” I would have protested.  I am much more comfortable in my style now, so this felt as natural to me as pairing gingham with polka dots…Or, ranch with pickles…Peanut butter on waffles?  No?

Oh well, you see my point (hopefully).  The older I have gotten, the more confident I am in trying things out, new color combinations, layering techniques, pattern mixing, wearing brown with black, not wearing every single trend that comes out *gasp*.  I think that is when one has a true grasp on fashion , when they are comfortable enough in their own skin to know what works for them and to be confident with what they wear.  You may not be wearing that pink paperbag waist J.Crew Factory skirt everyone and their mother (seriously, I’ve seen it on someone’s MOTHER) because you know it doesn’t flatter your figure.  And that’s ok, and you KNOW that that’s ok.  And that’s one of the true marks of style.  Not just fashion, style.  Fashion is what is out there, style is what you do with it.  You have style when you make something your own.  Your style. You. πŸ™‚

So I really didn’t intend for this post to become an anthem, but I sort of got on a roll with the whole “pick an outfit that showcases your style” schtick.  Hopefully you’ve stuck with me this far. πŸ˜€

The Deets:
shirt // skirt (old) // belt (similar) // necklace // shoes // knot bangle // red bangle

So to all my stylish ladies out there, I hope you will enjoy the rest of your week, and I will see you all tomorrow!

What is a trend that you have stayed away from?
Was it because it wasn’t flattering, you thought it silly, etc.?


Printed Maxi Dress LOVE

Happy (almost) Friday, lovelies!!

With the weather getting warmer and the school year coming to a close, I have been seeing ALOT of teachers breaking out the maxi dresses for work.  What could be better than throwing on something that’s comfortable and chic at the same time??  When running around in the summer, there is nothing more uncomfortable than sweating in a cute outfit.  Not only do you feel disgusting, but the fact that you’re uncomfortable makes the adorable outfit, well, less than adorable.  I find myself wearing a lot of dresses in the summertime, but sometimes I just want to throw on something without spending much time and effort on it.  And here enters the maxi dress!
I made a collection of my favorite printed maxi dresses from retailers like JCPenney, Forever 21, Old Navy, etc.  Such gorgeous prints, and at amazing prices, too!

Printed Maxi Dresses

Top Row:  Bisou Bisou Print:  JCPenney, Price:  $29.99 // Crochet Top Maxi:  Charlotte Russe, Price:  $29.99 with 25% all dresses (discount added in the bag) // Multi-colored Striped:  JCPenney, Price:  $35 // Lagos Printed:  Francescas, Price:  $48
Bottom Row:  Printed Jersey:  Old Navy, Price:  $34.94 (take 20% off online) // Leopard Print:  Forever 21, Price:  $24.80 // Printed Tube:  Old Navy, Price $24.94 (take 20% online) // Aztec Bandeau:  boohoo, Price:  $30 // Strapless Printed:  Gojane, Price:  $35.95

Let me just say that the Leopard print dress is SUPER fierce!  And don’t get me started on how gorgeous the Jersey Print dress from Old Navy is…LOVE!!!!  Let’s just say that if it weren’t for my Closet Remix Challenge, I would be snatching up a few of these beauties.

This trend has been around for years, and I am probably one of the last people to try it out!  Being on the petite side (not even 5’1 and 3/4″), I was hesitant to try this for fear of the dress drowning me (or constantly stepping on it).  A colleague of mine, who is about the same height, came to work wearing a gorgeous fuchsia and orange printed maxi paired with a tangerine cropped cardigan.  It looked so good on her!  The flowing dress coupled with the cardigan made it work appropriate, and oh so comfortable for working with kiddos all day, and it was very flattering.

The great thing about a maxi dress is that it truly does flatter any shape or figure!  It is form fitting up top, accentuating just the right areas, and covers up any areas below the bust that we women tend to be too hard on ourselves.  The flowiness of the dress lends to a longer, more slender appearance, and adds a boho chic flare.

Pair the dress with a denim jacket, and either ballerina flats or sandals and you have a comfy-chic outfit, perfect for the daytime!  Change the flats to a kitten heel, add a bolero jacket, and you have nighttime chic.    And you know what else makes this dress so versatile?  Wear a fitted t-shirt over the dress and you’ve just transformed it into a skirt!  And if you want a more figure hugging look rather than flowy, wear a belt cinched at the waist and you have instant curves.  The possibilities really are endless with this dress, and I’m just sorry it has taken me this long to jump on this trend.  But when I jump on a trend, I usually dive in headfirst!
I should be a salesperson πŸ˜€

I have a grand total of one maxi dress in my closet.  I have had this dress since I was a sophomore in high school, and today is the first day I have ever worn it!  Like I said, sometimes it takes me awhile to jump on a trend.  
Since I no longer have a jean jacket (yes, I donated it to Goodwill thinking I would never wear it again….ha), I went with the next best thing…Chambray πŸ˜€  This is Day #3 in my Closet Remix Challenge, you can see Day #2 on my Instagram and Day #1 here.

The Deets:
Dress:  Burlington Coat Factory, old
Chambray:  Forever 21, almost exact style here
Shoes:  Target, sold out
Bag:  Target, sold out, similar here
Necklace:  heirloom
Bracelets:  Cone bangle Baublebar (sold out),
Gold cuff Forever 21 similar here,
Chain bracelet Forever 21 (sold out)

What really drew me to this dress was the kerchief hemline!  It’s still a little on the long side, the tips of the kerchief graze the ground, but with heels it shouldn’t be too long.
In the summertime, I would definitely wear the dress without a jacket over it, but for work and church activities, I paired it with the jacket for modesty. πŸ™‚  I can’t believe I let this dress sit in my closet for the past seven years!!

What would shoes and jacket, if any, would you pair with a maxi dress?
Which one of the maxi dresses on the list is your favorite?

Until tomorrow, lovelies!
XOXO, Whit

Printed Shorts: The Under 40 (dollars) Club

Happy Friday, lovelies!

With warmer becoming an almost daily occurrence, daydreams of summer have been floating through my mind.  What will I wear?  What should I pack for vacations?
These thoughts have been causing me to crush on shorts lately.  And not just any pair of shorts; PRINTED shorts!  I will be the first to admit, I was a little hesitant to embrace this trend.  Oh sure, the nautical and polka dot print ones were easy to accept (who doesn’t love nautical and polka dots?), but floral and geoprint??  Just like printed pants, I thought these should be worn by clowns only.

And then I thought about it…why should shirts and dresses be the only items to have prints on them, making an outfit interesting??  Why not shorts, too?  My own reasoning got the better of me, so I decided to look around Pinterest and Instagram at all the different outfits with printed shorts.  I got hooked.  Keep in mind, ever since I was old enough to pick out my clothes, I had been very against the cutesy-baby printed shorts my mother would buy for me

Contrary to some beliefs, printed shorts are actually just as versatile as your neural khaki, black, navy, or white shorts!  You can literally pair them with anything, other tshirts, blouses, solids, stripes, polka dots, other patterns, you get the idea πŸ™‚  Pair them with a simple white blouse and a pair of Jack Rogers, and you have instant effortless chic for both daytime and nightime!

So as I began looking around, I was pleasantly surprised to find some very affordable pieces, and great quality too!  If you have already dipped your toes in the trend, then perhaps this list will further your collection.  If not, then hopefully they will get you thinking about trying this trend out.  Without a doubt, printed shorts are too much fun to ignore!

Here is a list of printed shorts I am seriously crushing on.  From sailboats to florals, ikat to polka dots, there are enough pairs to suit everyone’s tastes (and budget!).

Printed Shorts: The Under 40 (dollars) Club
Under $40 Club:
Mint Herringbone Stripe: J.Crew // on clearance for $39.99
Polka Dot Chambray:  J.Crew Factory // retail price is $49.50, currently 30% off making it $34.5
Sailboat Chino:  J.Crew // retail price is $54.50, take 25% off everything with code SPRINGBEST, sale price is $40.87.
Pink Seersucker:  J.Crew Factory // retail price is $49.50, currently 30% off making it $34.50
Ikat:  American Eagle // on sale for $34.99
Lobster Embroidered Chino:  J.Crew Factory // $34.50
Embroidered Polka Dot:  J.Crew Factory // $52.50
Railroad Stripe:  J.Crew Factory // $34.50

I am super crushing on J.Crew and Factory’s printed shorts!!  What could possibly be more cute than the Lobster Embroidered shorts or the Polka Dot Chambray??  And did I mention that I am a sucker for Seersucker? (hehe).

Printed Shorts: The Under 30 (dollars) Club

Pink Paisley:  Old Navy // $22.50
Navy Embroidered Sailboat:  Old Navy // $22.50
Blue Paisley:  Old Navy // $22.50
Orange Embroidered Chino:  J.Crew Factory // on sale for $29.50!!!
Pink Floral:  Old Navy // $22.50
Turquoise Embroidered Seahorse:  Old Navy // $22.50
Geo Print:  Gap // $26.99 (check out the multi-dot print!)
Pink Embroidered Anchor:  Old Navy // $22.50

Who knew that Old Navy would have such fun, trendy printed chinos??  Such cute, preppy prints like the embroidered Seahorse, Anchor, and Boat shorts.  And at only $22.50 a piece?  I would love to grab each pair up if my wallet would allow, so I may have to just settle with one pair…or two…..

Printed Shorts: The Under 20 (dollars) Club

Polka Dots:  Target // $15
Paisley:  Joe Fresh from JCPenney // $19 (also in bright pink paisley, pink and yellow geo print)
Retro Geo Print:  Forever 21 // $11.80
Floral:  Forever 21 // $17.80
Geo Print:  Forever 21 // $17.80

These prints are definitely something that would take time getting use to.  Forever 21 is the perfect place for trying out new trends.  They offer cheap chic alternatives to the high-priced fashion houses  from where the trends originate.  If you don’t like the trend, only a few dollars were lost.  I am really tempted to pick up the floral, paisley, and Retro Geo printed shorts!

I hope these shorts have you dreaming of vacations on the beach and bicycle rides through European food markets like they do for me!  I thought I already had enough pairs of shorts for the summer…I guess a fashionista can never have too many pairs of shorts. πŸ˜‰  I am super excited to jump on this trend, and I hope I inspired you to try it out with me!  If you buy any shorts from the sales or from the other stores, tell me what you buy and how you like it!

Are any of these printed shorts on your wishlist?
If so, which ones?
Which print pattern(s) would be a risk for you?

Happy Friday, lovelies, look for my Saturday Smoothie post tomorrow!
XOXO, Whit

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Polka Dot Stylin’ Part 2: Business Casual

Hello, lovelies!
Sorry the post is so late, it rained all day yesterday so it was pretty much impossible to take pictures outside.  Don’t you just love rain in the spring?  It’s not too hot, not too cold, and the rain makes the colors seem more vibrant and fresh!
It’s sunny again, today, and the weather could not be better!  I will certainly be spending some time outside, like riding my bike to downtown to meet a girlfriend for lunch.  (I love my city!!).

Well, as promised, here is Part 2 of my three part Polka Dot Stylin’ series, here’s Part 1 in case you missed it.
Last time I styled polka dots in a casual way, for running errands, catching lunch with a friend, etc.  Today, I wanted to share some easy (super cute!) ways to wear polka dots in a business casual environment (think teaching profession, church, secretary, etc.).  Now, these outfits may be more colorful than some of you are used to wearing, but being a colorful personality, I couldn’t resist!  You can always tone down the color by wearing a more neutral colored top or bottom, like grey, khaki, white, etc.

Click through the slideshow to see a couple of ways I styled this trend.

All of these items are in the low- to mid-price range (you can click on the pictures to see where each item is from).  
Polka Dot Pants:  Who doesn’t love printed pants??  I have yet to purchase a pair for myself, but I have completely fallen in love with them, and they are surprisingly versatile!  Since these pants are navy color, they can be paired with practically any other color(s).  I decided to go with pink and jade but I kept the size of my accessories to a minimum, since I was already playing with polka dots and bright colors.  I’m still trying to find a great, lower-priced alternative to this piece, so if you know of one, let me know!!
Polka Dot Dress:  How cute are those green polka dots???  Paired with the jade blazer, this dress can easily transition from daytime job to evening cookout. (don’t you just love the yellow, jade and lime combination?)
Polka Dot Skirt:  This polka dot skirt is a fun way to break up the monotony of solid colored pencil skirts that seem to be the norm in teaching professions.  It is still professional enough for school and work, but the polka dots add a cute, trendy element to the wardrobe staple.  If you are wanting the look for less, Forever 21‘s is decent quality and has a nice fit!
And how could I forget a polka dot shirt??  Remember my shirt from the first polka dot post?  I paired it with my grey pencil skirt for work yesterday and kept the same accessories.  Talk about being a versatile shirt!

 The Deets:
Shirt:  J.Crew Factory, look for less
Skirt:  H&M (old), similar here and here
Shoes:  Forever 21 (also in black and neon coral)
Necklace:  J.Crew, bought on eBay, similar here
Bow Bracelet:  Forever 21 (sold out)
Turquoise Bangle:  Forever 21
Gold Bangle:  Forever 21 (sold out)
Belt:  Target

How do you like to wear polka dots to work?
Do you prefer to style them with more neutral colors or bright colors?

Happy Almost-Friday, lovelies!
XOXO, Whit